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Title News : Tehran Stocks Extend 9-Day Rally
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after solid gains a session earlier, Tehran stocks staged another rally on Sunday and climbed 3.18% to extend a nine-day winning streak. 

Adding 21,242.42 points, the main gauge of Tehran Stock Exchange, TEDPIX, climbed above 690,000 points to put the benchmark’s monthly growth at an unprecedented 35%. 

The rally was led mainly by giant petrochemical and metal companies and banks. However, the equal-weighted index closed lower at 1.9% amid sell-off in many small cap stocks as investors traded cautiously in the late hours of trading while many sold shares to save earlier gains.  

Sunday marked a record in the value of trade as investors exchanged shares worth 100 trillion rial ($650 million), indicating yet again the inflow of huge amounts of liquidity into the market, according to analytical Donyaye Bourse website. 

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