Refah Sanat Pardis Commercial Co


History of Activity

Refah Sanat Pardis Company was registered in the Office for registration of companies and non-commercial organizations under registration code of 405873 and it’s central office is located at number 313 of west Fatemi street next to Sina Bank. The company is now effectively active in national and international business trades thanks to the help of expertise and experience of its efficient forces and financial capacities.

The area of the activity

According to the statute of the company, the main areas of activity are as follows:

A) Domestic trade: purchase of all kinds of metals for sale or conversion to new products by signing contracts with the relevant factories.

B) Foreign trade: Non-Pyramid, non-network, non-electronic authorized marketing for import and export of all types of engineering goods, mining and industrial products.

C) Conducting studies and meeting the market’s needs

D) Providing technical :commercial services for all companies in the design, construction, development or operation phase and buying their stocks.

E) Needs analysis :providing goods, equipment and raw materials that are required, obtaining credit and facilities from banks and financial institutions, obtaining Letters of Credit for the company.

F) Providing a wide variety of commercial services to economicindustrial, productive, and construction sectors along with other affairs and authorized operations related to the activities of the company

Company Goals

A) Conducting research and studying the domestic and foreign market along with introducing economic and executive capacity of the company.

B) Conducting ongoing reviews to select the proper business partners

C) Design and preparation of corporate and administrative foundations of the company including editing and forming methods, systems, instructions, and executive regulations.

D) Creating export-import business cycles in selected areas

E) Qualitative and quantitative development of human resources

F) Paying extra attention and focusing on the collaborate with organizations, companies and institutions affiliated with Refah Bank and Social Security service (Tamin Ejtemaei Organization)

G) Other

Company Visions

A) Being a company trusted by domestic activists in the field of steel products, food industry and livestock.

B) Being active in domestic markets related to the ongoing activities of the company.

Company Missions

1- Protecting the company assets and increasing Refah Bank’s interest and profits as the ultimate shareholder

2. Getting the highest return possible and using all the capabilities and capacities to improve the value of the assets at the company’s disposal

3. Earning sustainable and growing profits by using the investment opportunities in various business and economic fields

4. Optimal selection of the territory of economic activities from attractive opportunities of the market

5. Applying knowledge-based approaches to internationalization

6. Developing and empowering human resources

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No. 313, 4th Floor, West Fatemi St, Tehran, Iran

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