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A Message from the Head Manager

 Refah Sanat Pardis Commercial Co

“Creating the future is the best way to anticipate it.”

In the name of God Almighty for all we have is due to His infinite beneficence.

After so many years since the begging of its work, with much perseverance and effort, Refah Sanat Padis Trading Company has become capable of entering a wide range of business areas. Now we are going to step in for reaching our goals with a scientific and development-oriented approach.

Our mission is to improve every single day and try to carve the name of our company next to the big names of the industry. We are going to make use of all tools and facilities available and we know that reaching this goal depends on our colleague’s responsibility towards the quality of their performance at work.

The head manager of Refah Sanat Pardis Company requires all young and educated executives and employees of the company not to spare any effort in their service to the benefits of the system and also helping them go forward with their endless efforts, honesty, loyalty, good ethics, all Islamic belief values and specialized training.

With a heart full of hope , wishing for the blessings of the Almighty, preserverence of our colleagues and a tight syestem consolidation we will witness the opening of new horizons along the way in the path of development, progress, innovation and excellence of the company.

I pray for the honor and glory of everyone..

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